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A will ... to share our songs

"KUMBAYA" is a Vocal Ensemble created in February 1997. Supported by a law 1901 association, it includes about sixty choristers from Pau and its region. An activity integrated into the Lau MJC, it is directed by a volunteer choral conductor elected for three years by the members of the choir on presentation of a musical program. It was directed by Jean-Claude FERRET from 1997 to 2014. Laurence DALL'ASTA has been in charge since September 2014. Renaissance melodies, regional or foreign folklore, harmonized modern songs, French varieties, classical works, negrospirituals are part of a program that allows each and everyone to find the pleasure of singing thanks to its musical variety. Concerts and animations, if possible in common with other choirs to give the opportunity of musical meetings, allow the choristers, experienced musicians like amateurs, to share with the public their joy of singing. The Ensemble Vocal performs three to four times a year in concert, in Pau, in the greater South-West but also in the other regions of France. The choir was able to share musical evenings with many regional choirs:

     -   Jura : Chœur « Aveinna » d’Arinthod (Lons le Saulnier)
     -   Normandie : Choeur " Pom’ Pomm’ Pomme’ Pommes" (Bréhal)
     -   Beaujolais : Choeur "In Vino Musica" (Villers-Morgon)
     -   Vallespir:  Choeur du Haut Vallespir (Arles sur Tech)
     -   Midi-Pyrénées : « Le chœur populaire » et « Plein Chant » de Toulouse,                                                                                « Les Chanteurs  Pyrénéens » de Tarbes,  

             « Les Chanteurs Montagnards » de Lourdes,                                                                                                                       « La Chorale du Lavedan » d’Argeles-Gazost
     -  Aquitaine :  « La Villanelle » de Blanquefort,                                                                                                                           « La chorale des Deux-Luys » de Luy de Béarn,                                                                                                                   « La Chorale Saint-Germain » de Navarrenx,                                                                                                                     « Cante Bearn » d’Orthez,                                                                                                                                                 « Lous Amics » de Bielle,                                                                                                                                                     « La Psalette » de Nay,                                                                                                                                                       « Chorale des Deux Luys » de Garos 

              « Le Choeur du  Luy » d' Oeyreluy


     -   Pau et son agglomération :                                                                                                                                                            « Les Joyeux compagnons » et « Exultate » de Lescar,                                                                                                       « Sine Nomine »,  « Résonances » et « Swinging Nuts » de Pau,                                                                                         « Paprika » de Gelos,                                                                                                                                                           « Au Fil des Ans » de Jurançon,                                                                                                                                           « Lous cantayres » d’Idron 

The Vocal Ensemble has edited three discs. Thanks to a recording made in 2006, in the Church of Caubios-Loos and a "live" sound recording in concert at the Palais Beaumont in Pau, volumes 1 and 2 "Ballade Musicale" make it possible to appreciate the variety of its repertoire . The first volume is mainly devoted to songs of French variety as well as regional folklore Béarn and Basque. The second volume is devoted more to the more classical music while keeping a strong dye of French variety. The third record, meanwhile, was recorded early 2019 in the church of St Vincent De Paul in Pau. This third album entitled "Flânerie", contains the best titles of the current repertoire of KUMBAYA, led by the baton of our choral conductor Laurence DALL'ASTA


     He is supported by the Association "KUMBAYA", in charge of logistics and management of the Vocal Ensemble.    This association also aims to organize concerts with or without the participation of the Ensemble Vocal.          Organizer of the Festival "Songs of Autumn", she tried, by publishing an event every two years, to set up a festival of choral singing of regional renown hoping to make it international. Local, regional and inter-regional choirs (Midi Pyrénées, Aquitaine) were able to participate in quality meetings.                                                                Unfortunately the many local musical programs have dispersed the public and caused the cancellation of several concerts causing the stopping of the programming of this nascent festival on Pau.                                                    Mrs. Laurence DALL'ASTA, choir director of Ensemble Vocal "Kumabaya", is a graduate of Music Education and Oboe (DEM Conservatory of Grenoble and Paris with 1st prize of oboe Ile-de-France) and Musicology (Master's degree with specialization Choir and Electroacoustic Direction - University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour). She trained at the Direction of Orchestra from 1985 to 1993 with the Federation of Musical Societies Dauphinoises, the Orchestra of the Navy Troops of Paris and the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Besançon.                                                                            She has been choirmaster of several ensembles since 1996: children's choirs in primary schools, Choir "Au Fil des Ans" in Jurançon (64), "Stavan'choeur" at the Norwegian Cultural Center in Stavanger (Norway), "La Psalette "at Nay (64). She has also directed several times the Ensemble Vocal "Kumbaya", in association with Jean-Claude FERRET, during concerts given in the Pau region.

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